Doilies the meaning of life, artist book (2018)

     The artist book Doilies the meaning of life compliments a visual art exhibition of printmaking by Wendy Tokaryk.  The works in the exhibition are relief prints; a technique of rolling ink onto textiles enables the transfer of image to paper.

     The artist book that accompanies the exhibition includes two writing commissions.  Angela Marie Schenstead and Caitlynn Cummings each responded to a selected work in the exhibition; Chamomile Tea, Sophie, and Me was a response to a print titled Afghan, and Sloughing Cinnabar was a response to a print titled Yellow Wallpaper.

     In addition, Wendy Tokaryk selected texts from letters written by Clara Wolcott Driscoll, and a diary entry by Louis Comfort Tiffany, both of the Tiffany Glass Studios (1878 – 1933); these artists were important to the development of Arts & Craft industries at the turn of the century.  Their texts inspired several prints in the Doilies relief print series: a triptych of letters titled The Round Robin, and Elephant lamp inspired by the lamp designs of Tiffany Studios.

     The stories in the artist book offer perspectives and interpretations to stimulate the viewer’s imagination and provide insight into the printed images.


Mezzo Millimetro, artist book (2017)

     Artist book designed and handmade by Wendy Tokaryk, developed from a chapbook titled Mezzo Millimetro written by Caitlynn Cummings.

     Letterpress printed and laser cut on handmade cotton rag paper with human hair inclusions.

     Book is unbound, contained in a handmade wooden box with letterpress printed box cover.